Matchy-Matchy Swamp Thing

These pics turned out fine, but let me tell you: taking pics next to a flooded river smells wretched. Wretched I tell you! Good thing you can’t smell through the screen. Yikes.

Anyway, I decided to be matchy on this particular day. I was looking for the perfect flats to wear and look: black and orange! Why not? This racerback tank is actually a dress, and this skirt used to be a dress! A full-length, long-sleeved dress, to be exact. Picture that! I love bows and all, but it was just too much. I cut off the top right over the elastic waist and shortened the skirt and now it’s a staple of mine.







I just realized that Jessi gave me these flats and this belt! Thanks girl!

Summer has been absolutely heavenly so far. As Jessi mentioned, we’ve celebrating all things Jessi this weekend with her bachelorette party and bridal shower and it’s been so fun! And don’t forget to tune in next week for our outfits along with a fun (and super easy (as always!)) DIY. And yes, it’s cat related!

Outfit details: Sunnies :: Target | Heart necklace :: Forever 21 | Bow Earrings: Charlotte Russe | Orange triangles dress :: Forever 21 | Bow skirt :: thrifted | Belt and flats: gifts