Dress Rehearsal Dress :: Texas Part 1!

Earlier this month John and I drove to Texas because one of my very best friends from childhood got married!! We took this opportunity to turn a mere weekend trip into a week-long vacation!
On our first day of driving we made it to Tulsa, Oklahoma just in time to grab a bite to eat and see a band that’s been on my bucket list for a long time: Interpol. They were very fun to see live and although they didn’t play my favorite song they otherwise lived up to my expectations. Success!
The next day we made it to Dallas with several days to spare before the wedding. This gave us plenty of time to help the bride and groom with any last minute details and hang out and catch-up before the big day! Because they live in Texas our reunions are few and far between so getting this extra time with friends was crucial for us all. We had a couple of nice dinners and some downtime together before the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding.
The venue they chose was absolutely beautiful! It was almost like being in a whole other world apart from Dallas! The house had a lovely vintage feel and there were beautiful flowers and lush greenery everywhere. There was also this little koi pond, which is where I chose to take the pictures you see here.







The rehearsal dinner was a low key pizza party with some DELICIOUS pizzas, salad and homemade (by the bride herself!) pound cake.
I chose this wrap dress last minute. I wouldn’t normally ever buy a wrap dress; they’re just not my style. This one stuck out to me though because of the pattern. I’ve discovered a few things that are quite nice about a wrap dress: 1) since the waist is adjustable there’s lots o’ room underneath which makes for a comfortable and flattering fit. 2) no need to slip this dress over your head! Just wrap it around your body to avoid messing up your hair (if that’s a concern for you, and it usually is for me.)

We were in a hurry to get ready post-pedicures so these sandals were the perfect choice to throw on and go and I think it turned out great!
Stay tuned for part 2 where I show off my wedding attire and fancy Texas hair!

Outfit details: Dress :: Charlotte Russe | Sandals :: Hello Holiday | necklace :: Urban Outfitters (several years old)


Little Kitten, Big City

There’s almost nothing I love more than taking a few days off of regular life for a good Midwestern road trip! Typically John and I will head to Minneapolis, Omaha or Kansas City for a fun few days away. But this time we ventured a little further to… Chicago! I haven’t spent much time in Chicago in my adult life, so it was fun to explore the city with my honey. Not to mention Marlena and her hubs were there too, which made for an extra fun time! We saw Camera Obscura and She & Him and got to hang with old friends. To celebrate John’s birthday (and Marlena’s too!) we went shopping, ate tons of good food* and basically had a spectacular time.

*good food includes cream cheese stuffed red velvet French toast and mac and cheese grilled cheese….. Heaven!!!







I got this woodland creature tank at the Urban Outfitters outlet store in Chicago. I’d had never been to an OU outlet before, and it was a true treat! So much stuff for so cheap. I mean, I got a fox tail for my phone for fifty cents…. (See our iPhone photos post to see the tail in action.)

I’ve basically been living in these high waisted shorts this summer. The denim is stretchy but still durable and so so comfortable.
Mar and I bought complementary Twin Peaks Laura Palmer rings, which is probably my favorite purchase from the trip. Early on in our relationship we bonded over watching Twin Peaks in her dorm room, so buying matching rings seems appropriate.

All in all such a fun trip!!

Outfit details: shorts, top, necklace :: Urban Outfitters | sweater, shoes :: thrifted | bow :: Vitae | purse :: forever 21 | Laura Palmer ring :: Kokorokoko | sunnies :: gift from Marlena


Life through the eyes of our iPhones: Chicago edition

It’s Chicago trip week here on the blog! A few weeks ago we headed to Chicago for my birthday weekend and John’s birthday weekend (that’s Jessi’s fiance). We had a blast and decided to kick the week off with some favorite pics we took.



Elevator fun! | We brought our own straws to the bar!


Vegan lemon-raspberry cupcake at Chicago Diner | Crazy cat wall at Kokorokoko


We heart brunch! | AMAZING red velvet French toast



Driving boredom | More driving boredom!


Joey loved snuggling on my duffle | Jessi got a fox tail for her phone!


Kim, me, and Jessi at the She & Him concert | I also snapped a pic at Kokorokoko: love this cat senior pic