80/35 Music Festival Street Style

Luckily while we were taking in all the music and booze this past weekend, Jessi and I were smart enough to stop some pretty kitties that brought their A-game to 80/35 this year. Since the first day of the festival was the 4th, we loved all the creative patriotic outfits. Of course, we were also pumped to see so many cat prints!


Anna | Derek


Bradie | Will | Jes


Carly | Austin | Hillary


Josie | Josh | Ramona


Arin | Gina | Katie

We’ll be sharing our festival outfits soon!



Back to Basics

I am so excited about this outfit, not because it’s particularly special or exciting, but because I got to put on shorts and step outside and it wasn’t completely inappropriate!!! You guys, it’s the best feeling, am I right?

These shorts are new to me, I picked them up recently when I went thrifting with a friend. I’m really in to the high-waisted mom-jean look, and I mean that completely un-ironically. It’s just my taste! Usually when I go thrifting I come home with an armload of things to alter and these shorts were no exception. Honestly, I was a little embarrassed to buy them because they started as a really hideous pair of Capri jeans with an elastic waist. Sorry, they just were not cute! But I saw potential so I hacked them up and transformed them into shorts that I feel good about.

This is a really typical lazy day outfit for me. When I’m not sure what to wear or don’t care much I’m usually happy pairing a grey t-shirt and sweater with a skirt, shorts or black skinny jeans.

The color of this sweater really gets me. It’s just SO bright! I think it really elevates any outfit up a notch. 9 out of 10 times I prefer dressing up and wearing something fun, but sometimes it feels soooo good to go to staples like these that I know work for me.







Another thing that I love about spring is changing up what I’ve been listening to. I’ve been super into Sleigh Bells of late. They’re so fun and energetic and great for car rides or exercising. Plus, they’re playing in Des Moines later this month and I’m psyched to see them live for the second time!!

Outfit details: shorts, sweater :: thrifted | sunglasses, shirt, belt :: forever21 | shoes :: bcbg


Practicality is for Suckers

This skirt is what I call a “standing only skirt.” It’s very 80s, very high waisted and very tight (and therefore very hard to sit down in.) But very worth it, I say! The fact that I can manage to wiggle into this thing is a miracle and watching me do so is, I’m sure, simultaneously hilarious and disturbing (just ask my husband!) But the heart wants what the heart wants, and my heart wants this skirt. I love this skirt because it goes with pretty much anything. Because it’s so high waisted I love to pair it with smaller sweaters, crop tops and button-ups tied at the waist. It transitioned beautifully from summer to fall to winter and has proven to be super durable (it’s not bursting at the seams yet!)

I’ve been working on purging my closet and in the process have unearthed some tops I haven’t worn in ages but can’t bring myself to part with. I love the fabric, color and print of this shirt but it really doesn’t do a great job of staying buttoned, which is why it sat in the back of my closet for so long.
Finally, the last secret about this outfit: the shoes are a tad broken, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing them. Pretty much this is the perfect outfit for doing absolutely nothing: no sitting, no walking… I never claimed to be practical!








So I’ll pose this question: do you guys have clothes that are anything but practical yet you can’t part with them because you love them??? I hope I’m not the only one!

Outfit details: sweater, bow :: Urban Outfitters | shoes :: Hill Vintage | shirt, skirt :: White Rabbit | earrings :: Domestica (gift) 


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Sunny side up

I have been loving fall this season. I’m usually all about winter, truthfully. I love bundling up, snuggling up, and comfort food-ing it up. But it’s been so pretty around here that it’s inspired me to layer, layer layer! Like these red thigh high socks I’ve had for years that I’ve just never really pulled off before. I love them! They are the perfect addition on a blustery day.

This dress was bought a million years ago on a trip to Chicago, which I (like Jessi in NYC) promptly grabbed a pair of scissors and butchered it that very day so I could wear it asap. Unfortunately it’s pretty short now and I rarely wear it with just tights; I usually wear it with a thicker legging.







Really I have to say that the accessories are what excite me the most about this outfit: this bow I bought for Jessi’s wedding I wish I could wear every day, these amazing kitty shoes, my dainty little daisy ring, and this gorgeous feather necklace we received from the lovely Asa over at Hopeless Designs. Speaking of which, you’ll have to check back next week for our very first Here, Pretty Kitty Giveaway! One lucky reader will get to wear this pretty accoutrement as their very own!

Outfit details: hair bow :: EsmerAccessories via Etsy | necklace and daisy ring :: courtesy of Hopeless Designs | dress :: thrifted | striped sweater :: Gordman’s | polka dot tights :: Target | red socks :: gift from my mom! | cat flats :: gift from Jessi! from Modcloth

Have a beautiful weekend and stay warm!


Street Style: 80/35


We had soooo much fun this past weekend at the 80/35 music festival, and there were so many cute ladies that we had to stop and take their pic for our first ever Street Style post. A lot of our darling friends made the cut, but they were just too adorable and festive not to include!


Vanessa | Alecia | Emily


Jess | Erin | Z


Anna | Jessi | Berkleigh

Aren’t they all too cute?! We’ll post our outfits for the 2-day event later on this week, so check back!