Favorites: GIRLS on HBO!

Have you been watching the latest season of GIRLS? Well we here at HPK love it and so far it’s been SOOO good! These 4 girls have such different styles, we decided to pick out an outfit for each one. Who are you most like style-wise? We are both a mix between Hannah and Shosh (just no velour track suits for us!).


1. Rock these whistle earrings like Hannah on her 25th birthday.
Swim Whistle Earrings :: Sports Collection Jewelry

2. Hanna loves to rock a crop top!
Cooperative Boxy Cropped Tank Top :: Urban Outfitters

3. Is it something you’d wear when you were 10? Then Hannah would too.
Vintage Parrot Barrette :: Rosebud Cottage via Etsy

4. Running around Brooklyn requires comfortable footwear
Frye Heather Huarache :: Pink Mascara

5. Nothing says party for a night out with your bestie like power clashing
Band of Gypsies Breezy Lounge Short :: Urban Outfitters


1. Marnie’s polished look wouldn’t be complete without some sort of a trench coat
Mauro Grifoni Coat :: YOOX.com

2. Marnie may be a total mess this season but no one can keep up perfect appearances like her!
Favorite Bodycon Dress :: Forever21

3. She’s the master of accessorizing simply to let her crazy shine through
On a Grand Scale Necklace :: Modcloth

4. Marnie can definitely have an edge, and she has to pick herself up somehow after crying into her Rainbow Brite bed sheets over Charlie
My Delicious Misty Black Lace-Up Peep Toe Heels :: Lulu’s

5. A pop of pattern to round out her look!
Style & Co. Gia Clutch :: Macy’s


1. Something tells me Jessa would be able to procure this almost $300 scarf relatively easy, despite her lack of income at the moment.
Athena Procopiou Scarf :: Net-a-Porter

2. Statement earrings are a must!
Read leaf earrings :: Gypsy Moon Designs via Etsy

3. The more layers, the better
Hilltrop Retreat Cardigan :: Modcloth

4. Out little Bohemian wild card loves to rock a maxi
One Teaspoon Aztec Minky Maxi Dress :: SWELL

5. Jessa just needs a big fat braid in her hair and her look is complete
Dirty Laundry Preview Combat Boots :: Lulu’s


1. Shosh is the quintessential girly girl when it comes to style
Quilted Metal Clutch :: Nasty Gal

2. Is there a bow on it? Then it’s probably Shoshanna’s!
Elastic Striped Bow Belt :: Kate Spade

3. It’s easy to imagine Shosh singing to Maroon 5 while wearing different shades of pink
City Dreaming Top :: Modcloth

4. A dainty, short lace skirt is all you need
Evenings in Madrid Lace Skirt :: Ruche

5. Giant Prada sunglasses are a staple in Ms. Shapiro’s closet
Baroque Prada Sunglasses :: Nordstrom

6. Rounding out the look are these amazing floral heels.
Ted Baker floral heel :: Zappos

Happy Season 3!


Favorites: The Babysitters Club

This week’s favorites feature includes our 4 favorite ladies from the BSC: Claudia Kishi, Stacey McGill (obviously the top two), Mary Ann Spier, and Dawn Schafer. Each with their own unique styles, we thought: what would each of them be wearing today?



Claudia was all about being as loud as possible style-wise. How can we forget her themed outfits (surely you haven’t forgotten the classic Under-the-Sea ensemble), DIY jewelry, junk food stashes and that major sister complex? Betsey Johnson is surely one of Claudia’s favorite designers, right? The mismatched earrings are SO KISHI!
1. Sparkle and Fade Mesh Dolman Sweater :: Urban Outfitters
2. Pelican Hat Mismatch Earrings :: Betsey Johnson
3. Plastik Hearts Tote :: Betsey Johnson
4. ASOS Leggings in Mono Stripe Print :: ASOS
5. Kimchi Blue Alice Lace-ups :: Urban Outfitters


Everyone loves Stacey (am I right?) this New York girl oozes confidence through her chic fashion sense, despite her parents divorce and early onset diabetes; we have to give it to her, when life hands Stacey lemons, she makes (sugar-free) lemonade!!
6. Aztec Cut Out Earrings :: Top Shop
7. Multi-Floral Pleat Front Shell :: Top Shop
8. Panelled Matt Wetlook Leggings :: Top Shop
9. LEI Two Part Platforms :: Top Shop
10. Art Deco Wrist Purse :: Top Shop


The best little tree hugger from the 90s (although a close call with Z.Z. Ziff from Salute Your Shorts) is totally into Free People. She has that cool bohemian with a little girly edge down pat. Our favorite part about Dawn was her haunted farmhouse with all those secret passageways. Too bad she had to leave it all behind for the beaches of California.
11. Addie Bibbed Henley :: Anthropologie
12. JadeTribe Capri Weekender Bag ::Free People
13. Cascade Mini Wedge :: Free People
14. Battenburg Crochet Shorts :: Free People


A modern Mary Ann Spier could most certainly find any of her demure fashions at Modcloth! From Peter Pan collars to bows to knee socks they’ve got it all. Not sure she’d be this fashion forward, but people can change, right? P.S. Pretty sure that darling bracelet was given to her by the best boyfriend of all time, Logan Bruno. Awwwwww!
15. With a Little Lock Necklace :: Modcloth
16. Basically Amazing Socks :: Modcloth
17. Banner Day Dress :: Modcloth
18. Right Here Heel :: Modcloth
We’re going to go dig out our Super Specials and head to the pool. Who was your favorite character? Are you sad we left out that bossy Kristy?

Super Sunday Favorites: 90210 Beverly Hills

The 90s were awesome (duh) and one of the best products of the 90s was 90210: Beverly Hills. The cat fights (Brenda’s bitch face was monumental!), the sex (or lack thereof DONNA), the break-ups (who is dating Dylan this week?), the bizarre plot lines (uh oh, Kelly is in a cult), and of course: the fashion! We recommend wearing the 90s trend by getting inspired by our favorite ladies. Whether it’s lace, sheer, or floral, those girls were not afraid to wear anything, even if it was too small or too big. Here are our picks for Brenda, Donna, Kelly and our favorite pyromaniac/drug pusher, Emily Valentine:



Nothing reminds us of Brenda more than the classic swimsuit top with denim. Don the dress and choker for a date night with your Dylan!
UO Flower Power Bikini :: Urban Outfitters
Secret Blossom Printed Dress :: Ruche
Mock Pocket Skinny Jeans :: Forever 21
Lacquered Triangle Choker :: Forever 21


Donna had a knack for the crop top and you’re in luck: they’re baaaack! We vote pairing them with this updated take on overalls and this floral baseball cap, OR take that floral look head to toe with matching shorts.
Hot Kiss Overalls :: Charlotte Russe
ASOS Bra Top with Gingham Print :: ASOS
Kimchi Blue Pinup Bustier Top :: Urban Outfitters
Kimchi Blue Molly Jacquard Shorts :: Urban Outfitters
Floral Brim Baseball Cap :: Charlotte Russe

Emily Valentine

Emily had the cool rocker chick down. Embrace the look with these perfect picks!
Black and white stripe shirt :: Dorothy Perkins
Urban Renewal Boyfriend Denim Short :: Urban Outfitters
Sun-dipped Wayfarers :: Anthropologie
Dr. Martens Triumph 1914 Floral Boot :: Urban Outfitters


Kelly loved A) looking as sexy as possible and B) looking as old as she possibly could. This means a lot of doily and lace shirts and the grown-up giant blazers! And you can’t forget that scrunchie.
Pins and Needles Daisy Lace Swing Tank Top :: Urban Outfitters
Black Spot Longline Blazer :: Dorothy Perkins
Cotton Scrunchie :: American Apparel
Off-the-Shoulder and Wiser Beige Lace Bodysuit :: Lulu’s

Have a lovely week! J&M