Super Saturday Favorites: Welcome to Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks has always been near and dear to our little hearts here at Here Pretty Kitty, so this weekend we’ve devoted our Favorites Series to the best show ever. Can you believe it’s been 24 years ago TODAY since Laura Palmer died? We remember the sweltering evenings in the dorm watching the series on VHS (cuz let’s face it: we were 5 & 6 when the show aired) and dreaming about the Black Lodge and Special Agent Dale Cooper. Now…. Who wants some cherry pie?


1. The perfect Audrey Horne Oxford heels :: Zappos
2. Always keep Diane close with this awesome brooch :: Kate’s Little Store via Etsy
3. a Twin Peaks ladies essential: red M·A·C lipstick :: M·A·C Cosmetics
4. Start snappin’ in this Black Lodge-esque dress :: Modcloth
5. wear a nod to Lucy Moran in this oversized Aztec print sweater :: Dorothy Perkins
6. oversized glasses turn you instantly into Maddy :: Urban Outfitters
7. Serve up black as night coffee with this chalkboard mug. Adorn with messages such as: Who Killed Laura Palmer? Donna + James forever or simply, BOB :: Bubble and Mimi via Etsy
8. carry around your own log or leave it on your couch with this stylish pillow :: Fred Flare

Have a lovely rest of your weekend! M&J

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