Red on red

My parents have been living in Kansas City for like 10 years and not once, NOT ONCE! did I think to myself, “Let’s go vintage shopping!” How can this be, pretty kitties? I think I have always been sucked into the H&M and Urban Outfitters and it just never occurred to me until recently! Joe and I had a day date while Charlie hung out with his grandparents. We went to Westport, I tried on about 2,000 dresses (and took 3 home!), we went to a record store, a toy store, walked around a bunch, and then went and met back up with my parents. It was a beautiful day that was made all the better by the new spring clothes!



So this is one of the dresses I bought. I’m in love! I’m a sucker for a cute boat neck, and this bandana pattern is the tops! I paired it with my red jacket, which I was a little iffy about, but then Charlie said, “You look cute Mama!” so I left it on. Nothing like a compliment from a 2 year-old to give confidence to your fashion choices!

Outfit details: bandana dress :: Re-Runs |  white belt :: found in my Mom’s closet! | red jacket :: Hill Vintage | blue flats :: Charlotte Russe



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A jacket-less spring day

One of my favorite parts about spring is the fact that I don’t have to wear a jacket anymore! Or at least not all the time. Fall and winter jackets are cute for awhile but they really end up cramping my style around February or March. The allure of tights, boots and jackets are gone and I just want my arms and legs to be free! However, with a slight chill still in the air I like to strike a balance. If my legs are bare then I’ll cover up my arms (shorts and a sweater are the cutest!) or, here, I threw on some jeans with this cute but tight dress. I bought this dress recently on a birthday trip to Ragstock in Minneapolis. I love the color and pattern, which reminds me of little crescent moons that compliment my tattoo nicely. The dress didn’t fit quite right but I bought it anyway, as I tend to do. It was close enough though, and I knew once I got it home I’d figure out a way to make it work. Since I’m not really into the body-con dress trend I needed something on my legs to make me feel more at ease. I threw on my best jeans ever that I’ve mentioned in previous posts along with some 80s wedges and was ready to go!

Side note: this cute table and chair set up is right outside one of our absolute favorite local Des Moines stores, Vitae, which we mention here often!








This is the first post of many where I’ll be showing off new clothes acquired from birthday shopping, birthday gifts or vintage scores from Portland, so look out!

Outfit details: scarf, shoes, belt :: thrifted | dress :: Ragstock | necklace :: Domestica | jeans :: Urban Outfitters


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Two day roller coaster

Wednesday: best day! Thursday: worst day! Wednesday was my husband’s birthday, and I was able to take off for the afternoon, eat a fancy lunch with Joe and then head to the zoo with him and Charlie. So fun! That night I had put together a surprise dinner party for Joe at a fun Teppanyaki grill place. So great! And Joe was so surprised I loved it.

Before I left work for the afternoon, Kristen snapped some pics of me. It was super windy and I actually ended up changing before we went to the zoo but I am digging this outfit. I’ve actually paired this belt with this crop sweater before here, but I’m loving this beautiful bright red dress with it. Jessi gave it to me! And this scarf is a gift from my grandma that I’ve been wearing a lot lately. It’s so big and filled with such pretty colors.






The worst day was Thursday. Not only did I have to go to the dentist on my lunch break (always a blast), I got into an accident on the way back to work! A nice enough woman wearing a terrible outfit (kitties, please never match a teal bulldog shirt with a light yellow Winnie the Pooh jacket and giant jeans. Ok?) ran a red light and crashed right into me. I wasn’t hurt or anything, but she hit my car so hard the front tire ended up falling off. Cuckoo! Oh well, now I have a rental for the rest of the month.

outfit details: pearl earrings :: gift from Joe | dress :: gift from Jessi | gold cardigan :: Charlotte Russe (forever ago) | blue anchor belt :: Kokorokoko | scarf :: gift from my grandma | gold oxfords :: Aldo (similar)



Date Night : Neutral Milk Hotel

I’m a night owl, which can prove to be a problem when trying to take outfit pics for this little blog. But, there’s nothing like a date night outfit, am I right?!

For Christmas John bought me tix to see an old favorite (like, major all time favorite!), Neutral Milk Hotel in Kansas City. After this brutal winter we really lucked out because the weather cooperated and we got to take a mini vacay in the middle of February. I would have loved to go somewhere tropical, don’t get me wrong, but we had so much fun road tripping, eating tasty dinner and brunch and seeing the band. And I’m happy to report that the show was truly magical. A dream come true!






This dress is a true favorite and one that I often turn to for special occasions. This is actually not the first time I’ve worn this outfit to see a band I love. Collars often make me nervous because I tend to feel like I can’t breathe, but I love the triangular peekaboo collar here.

This Levi’s denim jacket is something I scored while thrifting. I don’t remember how much I paid but I know it was a steal for something so classic! Long before we got married I noticed that John and I often tend to dress alike (cute or lame?!) and this particular night he was rocking his grey Levi denim jacket. We sucked it up, dressed alike and embraced the fact that we’re just too unbearably stylish!

It was so great to get away and as I write this I can nearly smell spring around the corner. Raise your hands if you’re ready to retire your sweater tights for the year because I know I am!!

Outfit details: earrings :: Urban Outfitters | dress :: White Rabbit | shoes :: DSW (similar) | jacket :: thrifted


Rule number one: Stand still

I wore this dress awhile ago for these pics (before snow! what was that like?) and I never posted them, mainly because I wouldn’t stand STILL in any of these shots so all of my head-to-toe pics are blurry. It’s really the only rule in blogging, right? Stand still? Woops! BUT, the good news is I adore this dress, and this entire outfit, so I’m posting them anyway.

This dress is one of those dresses that you really don’t need to wear anything else with it, since it’s a total stand alone. A couple of darling friends of mine run a vintage pop-up shop and I found this gem amidst the other goodies. And how about these adorable kitty cat collar clips?! I spotted them at a cute place on our trip last summer to Chicago. I deemed it kismet since I had seen them on Pinterest just the week before. Unfortunately when I got home I realized I didn’t have any white collars, and the kitties weren’t showing up on my dark-collared tops. But with the purchase of this very dress my woes lifted!



Something’s funny over there….




Hope your week is going well! I’ve been having a fun week, and am looking forward to the weekend. Some friends and I are headed to HUE , a party at the Art Center dedicated to the color emerald. Naturally I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect emerald ensemble, both in my closet and out. No winners yet, but it’s only Wednesday! And b-b-b-bonus: I can wear this green outfit to St. Patty’s Day weekend when we head to St. Louis next week!

Outfit details: dress :: Big Button Vintage | cat collar clips :: Ladybird Likes | purse :: thrifted | tights, socks :: Target | oxford heels :: Buffalo Exchange




Date Night : Omaha

All right guys, I see 2 things when I look at these here pictures:
1) The look on my face in the first picture says, “I know, I’m SORRY these pictures were taken in a hotel lobby, but I love this dress and was excited for the night out and it was ice storming outside. So this is what we’ve ended up with. And p.s. the hotel lobby patrons did not seem to understand…


2) That belt! I’m not even gonna mention it anymore, but it ends up in most outfit pics (accidentally, mind you!) What can I say, it’s part of my fashion soul.

So, truth be told, long sleeved dresses are usually not my thing. I just don’t think they’re the right look for me and I’m not super comfortable in them. And, if we’re gonna get technical, this is a 3/4 sleeved dress, but you get the idea. This dress though, for some reason just works. I actually bought this as an Xmas gift for a friend last year but selfishly decided to keep it (I can’t help myself!) I abstained from taking scissors to the sleeves like I normally would and, as a bonus I don’t have to cover up with a sweater, which is an Iowa miracle!





John and I took an overnight trip to Omaha to see Cults at The Slowdown, which is my favorite Omaha venue. Despite the poor weather we got some solid shopping in, a few yummy meals and a decadent hotel stay. We’re old and married now, so instead of going out for more drinks after the show we went back to the hotel, splurged on a few snacks from the lobby and watched Netflix in bed. And you know what? It was purrrrfect!

Outfit details: earrings, dress, shoes :: forever21 | belt :: thrifted


Sunny side up

I have been loving fall this season. I’m usually all about winter, truthfully. I love bundling up, snuggling up, and comfort food-ing it up. But it’s been so pretty around here that it’s inspired me to layer, layer layer! Like these red thigh high socks I’ve had for years that I’ve just never really pulled off before. I love them! They are the perfect addition on a blustery day.

This dress was bought a million years ago on a trip to Chicago, which I (like Jessi in NYC) promptly grabbed a pair of scissors and butchered it that very day so I could wear it asap. Unfortunately it’s pretty short now and I rarely wear it with just tights; I usually wear it with a thicker legging.







Really I have to say that the accessories are what excite me the most about this outfit: this bow I bought for Jessi’s wedding I wish I could wear every day, these amazing kitty shoes, my dainty little daisy ring, and this gorgeous feather necklace we received from the lovely Asa over at Hopeless Designs. Speaking of which, you’ll have to check back next week for our very first Here, Pretty Kitty Giveaway! One lucky reader will get to wear this pretty accoutrement as their very own!

Outfit details: hair bow :: EsmerAccessories via Etsy | necklace and daisy ring :: courtesy of Hopeless Designs | dress :: thrifted | striped sweater :: Gordman’s | polka dot tights :: Target | red socks :: gift from my mom! | cat flats :: gift from Jessi! from Modcloth

Have a beautiful weekend and stay warm!