Winter Nail Colors + Tips

Well pretty kitties, turns out winter is here already (3 inches of snow yesterday! that exclamation mark is 40% excitement mixed with 60% hatred) so we are trying to see the upside to this madness: winter fingernail polish! What colors do you like to bust out against the bright white snow? Here are our top picks!


1. Glittery nails are essential for any holiday party this season.
Celestials :: Formula X via Sephora

2. This pop of color can really brighten up the wintertime blues!
Rapid Red :: Sally Hansen via Ulta

3. This color is so versatile it will go with everything!
Joanne :: Julep

4. A warm color like this is perfect for day to day.
School of Hard Rocks :: Essie

5. For a dramatic dark color (but not too goth-y black) go for this stunner.
Ilsa :: Julep

6. Add some fun to a gray polish with this beauty.
PixieDust in London :: Zoya

Speaking of winter, it’s time to get those nails ready for the harsh temps! Here’s an easy way to get your nails ready for winter with a quick at-home mani.

1. Start your mani by trimming up those claws (meow!) with clippers and shape them with an emery board. Start with the coarser side and end with the finer side: you’ll end up with nice, smooth edges that way. We at HPK are fans of short, round nails, but follow your heart!

2. Stop ignoring those cuticles! Get a cuticle softener and soak your digits for about 30 seconds in the stuff. Then push those puppies back using a cuticle pusher or soft nail wood stick.

3. Using a buffer, buff out those hang nails or snip them off. Be careful though cuz they can hurt if you trim too close! Now it’s time to wash your hands with soap and water.

4. Time for the fun fun part: polish those nails! Get your new favorite winter polish from above or find your own. Friendly reminder: base and top coats are a necessity!

5. Use a cuticle serum on your nails to keep them healthy. Also, just keep your hands nice and moisturized because winter is infamous for drying them out! We like to keep lotion in our purses so it’s always at the ready.

Happy Snowy Sunday!