Favorite Floral

I do love stripes, I mean, who doesn’t? So it was really no surprise to me that Mar and I had essentially the same soft, striped blazer hanging out in our closets. I got mine at Target a few months back, and it really is great. Part jacket, part cardigan and totally awesome!

This floral dress is one of my absolute favorites that I’ve had for years. It’s a reworked vintage piece that I got at White Rabbit. It’s a great length that I can easily wear with tights or without. I love the cut of the dress as well- it’s sleeveless, and while I’m not normally into high necklines I think it really works on this number.

The shoes are yet another favorite. I’ve worn them to death, they’re almost unwearable. You can’t tell from this picture but the bottom right shoe has a terrible crack, so I definitely can’t wear these when it rains or snows! I’m thinking of taking them to a cobbler for repair, because I love them so dearly and can’t bear to part with them… Oh the perils of buying vintage shoes!


I was having an incredibly lazy day, hence the scarf thrown into my hair. A scarf in my hair used to be my go-to hairstyle. I’ve gotten away from it over the last year or so but it’s a great option for when I don’t want to put much effort into styling my hair…

As Marlena mentioned in her last post there was a girl roller skating at the park and although she was just learning, it looked super fun and made me miss the days when I would live in my roller skates. We might have to try it out this summer, although it could certainly end in disaster!

Outfit details: dress :: White Rabbit | shoes :: thrifted | jacket :: target | belt :: forever21 |


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